I’ve been in hibernation with my blog, but it’s not because I’ve been getting a great winter nap. Although that sounds amazing.

I was on a tight deadline finishing a new book in the fall. It’s a novel for teens that will be released this year by North Star Editions. And now I’m deep into a second new book, another teen novel for North Star that’s due this spring.

Take a look at North Star’s catalogs. I can’t wait to have my new books available to readers! And, of course, check out my existing book page if you haven’t already.

To accomplish this work, I went back to my creating time strategies and decided to park regular blog and social media posts for a few months until I come up for air.

More details on this year’s book release once I have this from the publisher. The second new book will come out in 2025. I also have other book projects on submission with editors and agents right now. Busy, busy. But in a good way.

Meanwhile, I hope you’re focused on your own creative adventures. Please take advantage of the resources on my site and send me a note if you have questions or suggestions.