The Beauty of Imagination

by | Dec 31, 2020 | Creativity

The beauty of imaginationAs we sprint-scramble-crawl-drag-gasp toward the end of 2020, I want (need) to remember there are so many examples of positive imagination at play in the world.

When I’m feeling low or exhausted, looking at beautiful art or innovative ideas always brings light into my day.

Here are a few I’ve encountered recently making the rounds on social media:

Cyclo-Knitter, a pedal-powered machine that weaves a scarf in the 5 minutes you are waiting for a train (it involves knitting? I’m in!)

Le Petit Chef, a restaurant in France that creates an inventive dining experience using 3D projections on your table

WindowSwap, a site where people post the view from their window – an intriguing way to see the world through someone else’s lens that’s kind of addictive

Fruit carving art that is stunning and soothing

What feats of imagination have you bookmarked or shared with others recently? Does this practice help you navigate life and sustain a focus on creativity?