Book News: Nina Biography Released, Goodreads Giveaway

by | Dec 10, 2020 | Book News

Book News: Nina Biography Released, Goodreads Giveaway​Alrighty. The second edition is now available of my young adult biography, Nina Kosterina: A Young Communist in Stalinist Russia! I’m calling it a great strong girl story with history woven in.

Nina perished at age 20 fighting Germany’s World War II invasion. Her teen diary was published after her death and became an international bestseller. It opened a window into the tumultuous birth of Russian Communism while also revealing an ordinary girl navigating extraordinary times. The biography includes pictures and additional background supplied by Nina’s family.

I’ve updated the materials and links about Nina and her era on my website for use by readers, educators and parents.

Check them out, spread the word and let me know if there are other materials that would be helpful.