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Girls Research!

Amazing Tales of Female Scientists

Never before have so many awesome women been celebrated in one book. The 56 scientists featured in this book broke barriers, made life-changing discoveries, and forever transformed the world. Their words change us. Their power amazes us. Their talent awes us. And their stories inspire us all.

Grades 4 – 6

ISBN 978-1-4765-4056-6 (reinforced library binding version). ISBN 978-1-4765-6162-2 (ebook pdf). 64 pages. Publisher: Capstone Press.

Part of the Girls Rock! series celebrating female heroes. Titles in this series explore the lives of fascinating women and explain their achievements in music, athletics, politics, social service, and much more. This is not just a typical biography series. It’s super cool and smart, just like its subjects. January 2014.



There are so many top-notch female scientists in the world, past and present, who are contributing important knowledge and advancements. One book can’t possibly recognize them all, so please consider this book a sampling meant to illuminate and inspire.

Nobel Prize Laureates. Look under the sections for physics, chemistry and medicine for biographies and speeches from some of the women featured in my book, plus others.

U.S. National Postage Museum. Check out the Women on Stamps Exhibit focused on science.

Google Doodles. Search the list to see which scientists have been honored so far and look at their doodle images.

Interesting Video Clips:

​Check out these interesting clips featuring some of the scientists covered in the book. Some are short interviews (not overly technical and some produced by kids), news clips about their work, historical footage or short video biographies with pictures or film footage

​​​Joy Adamson, naturalist

Virginia Apgar, physician

Elizabeth H. Blackburn, molecular biologist

Elizabeth Blackwell, physician

Rita Colwell, microbiologist

Marie Curie, physicist and chemist

Bonnie Dunbar, astronaut

Sylvia Earle, oceanographer

Gertrude B. Elion, chemist

Dian Fossey, anthropologist and primatologist

Rosalind Franklin, molecular biologist

Birute Mary Galdikas, primatologist

Frances Glessner Lee, forensic scientist

Jane Goodall, primatologist

Temple Grandin, animal sciences researcher

Grace Hopper, computer scientist

Mary-Claire King, geneticist

Hedy Lamarr, inventor

​Stephanie Kwolek, chemist

Mary Leakey, archaeologist

Henrietta Leavitt, astronomer

Mireya Mayor, anthropologist and primatologist

Maria Mitchell, astronomer

Christiane Nusslein-Volhard, geneticist

Ellen Ochoa, astronaut

Vera Cooper Rubin, astronomer

Tierney Thys, marine biologist

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This book is part of a Girls Rock! series featuring five other books. All are library reinforced editions available through Capstone Press.
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