Firebreak: barriers to prevent the spread of conflict.

“The short chapters and spare text will pull reluctant readers in, and the realistic portrayal of grassroots activism will keep them reading this well-told story. . . . A timely tale with real-world connections to the power of speaking out against injustice.” — Kirkus Reviews


High school junior Alia is good at sports but struggles with schoolwork, hindered by her learning disabilities. The latest history assignment on genocide is just more homework to be endured. That’s until a troubling conversation with her beloved grandmother reluctantly jolts Alia into action.

Between the country’s shifting mood toward the elderly and new government programs championed as practical ways to deal with a burgeoning elderly population, Alia fears that senior citizens are being targeted for something more ominous.

To rally others and challenge the growing oppression, Alia will need to step up and speak out. But people tend to doubt Alia due to her learning difficulties. Can she get people to listen to her? More importantly, can she believe in herself?

Jolly Fish Press. ISBN: 978-1-63163-840-4, 978-1-63163-841-1, 978-1-63163-843-5


Fast-paced teen fiction. Written at a 2nd- to 3rd-grade reading level with an interest level of ages 14 and up.

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